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Kim is a marine engineering specialist and a qualified master mariner. Upon graduating from California State University, California Maritime Academy, Kim began working as an Engineering Officer on US Merchant Marine vessels, eventually rising to the classification of Chief Engineer. Throughout his career, Kim has been responsible for Machinery Spaces, Engineering Operations, and personnel on vessels at sea and in shipyards. Kim culminated his 24-year career as Vice-President of Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability, Security, and Aviation at a major Oil & Gas Company. 

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Kim has served as a Crisis Management & Emergency Response expert on several incidents around the globe. He has been responsible for Safety Management Systems (SMS), Environment Management Systems (EMS), Operational Integrity Systems, Quality Management Systems (QMS), and has been held accountable for the Continuous Improvement Processes.

Kim is a certified ISO/ISM audit instructor and has carried out the duties of an internal auditor on behalf of various governmental bodies. Due to his vast knowledge, Kim has served as an Expert Witness, inspected ocean-going vessels and MODU's of various sizes, and has audited shore-based facilities.


  • B.S., Engineering, California State University Maritime Academy, 1978

  • M.B.A., University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business, 1997


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